Easy Ways to Apply Correct APA Essay Format for Your Term Paper

sample of apa essay format
sample of apa essay format

For students, a paper or research paper is one of the usual tasks that must be done in a short time. Usually, the school, teachers or lecturer will want their students to create a paper based on the APA essay format. This type of format is the mandatory essay format that should be used by all students because of its formality. Using this type of essay format, they should write the title with page number and not include any words after the title page. These terms are usually used in the abstract and it can also be placed on the second page after the ‘acknowledgment’ page. It can also be placed after the title page of the paper or thesis.

In the APA style, students must use double-spaced as the line spacing. This way, it will make readers be able to easily read the essay. Don’t forget to use the Times New Roman as the font with size 12 to write the paper or essay. In the APA style reference, you should not indent the summary paragraph. Use “justify” aligning text to both the left and right margin. In the abstract, you only need to write 150 to 250 words, it shouldn’t have too much. If you have more than that, you will have to shorten your words. At the end of the abstract, there must be some keywords too.

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