Creating Your Own Simple Bill of Sale

For those of you who want to sell or buy some goods, you must ask the seller for the bill of sale. It works out the same if you are a seller that wants to sell some goods. You will also have to give your buyers similar paper-work too. It is actually quite easy to […]

The Modern Style of Auto Bill Of Sale Template

When you want to buy a new or second handed car, you must ask the seller to create the auto bill of sale template. This template will be filled with the information of the buyer and seller, the agreement contract, the price of the car or vehicle, and also the signature as the approval of […]

The Simple Bill of Sale for Car Free Template

For those of you who want to sell your old car so you can buy the new one, you must follow the legal regulations. Every trade must be using the bill of sale form to make the buyer and the seller get the agreement about the amount of price also they have the legal law […]